Photoshoot for drummer Adam Reeves


The images below were taken for a Leicester based percussion teacher and session drummer named Adam Reeves  at Firebug  (which is one of the better music venues in Leicester’s city centre.) to be used as professional portraits and actions shots for promotional use. This was a really fun and interesting shoot to be involved in and the first time I had done portraits for a drummer outside of a band!


One of the first things I tried was backlighting the drummer. I took this photograph at Firebug in Leicester on their stage.
A nice moody photo of Adam showing his drumming skills
After a few flashy photos I went for some available light work, which I always enjoy doing. Firebugs lights worked really well to back light this photograph.

Drum sitcks Leicester Firebug

Portrait of Leicester Drummer Adam Reeves at his kit in Firebug bar.


For this portrait I thought I would try something a bit different. Still using flash I went for a long exposure with second curtain sync.

Posted on: November 11, 2013