As people were asking…..

I’ve got another “new” camera, but this time it is not another digital Canon 5D!

I have recently decided that as well as doing the weddings and commercial work that I love so much, I wanted to do something completely for myself. Something that meant that I was the only person with an input to the images.

After contemplating over what exactly it is that I would want to shoot (I am keeping that under my hat for the time being) I also wanted to have a camera dedicated to the task. I wanted it to be completely dissociated from my professional work.

The first big decision I made was to shoot on black and white 35mm film. There were several reasons for this. Cost was a big factor, as was ease of use. I have a darkroom I can access for BW printing, I already own a good negative scanner.

However, this did not really narrow down the choice of camera. I had a look at some exotic rangefinders and classic 1970s cameras. But in the end I decided to stick to what I knew. So I grabbed a retired 50mm lens from my cupboard and purchased a used Canon EOS1 for a very reasonable sum of money. It has all the functionality I require as well as a good native flash sync speed. The main reason for choosing this model was due to its tank like build quality. This camera is going to be with me a lot over the next year, so I thought robust professional build quality was vital.

ScottChoucino-3 ScottChoucino-2 ScottChoucino


Here are a couple of images from the test roll of film I shot with Jenny at my studio. These are just negative scans, once my project gets underway I plan to wet print the final negatives with a view to exhibit some of them.


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Posted on: September 4, 2014