An average weekend as a photographer

When this idea came about, I was going to cover a few days of really exciting photography and really big photoshoots, and I still will at some point. However, I thought it just as important to show you what a normal few days might look like. I had three really fun shoots this weekend, and it is important that I remember that these can be as much, if not more fun, than a bigger, full days photoshoot. It is now 7am Monday morning and I have just recovered from a slightly ambitious cycle in to work. I have got a pretty busy week ahead of me and I am going to try and fit in a few social jaunts too!

Leicester London Road photo studio

At about 9 am I was in my studio packing my bags to head over to The O Bar to photograph their food menu for “The Smoke House”. I generally leave my camera bag packed like this, unless I know I have something specific to do and require something unusual.
I used a medium sized softbox to create a ‘natural window light look’ for the images. The sunlight through the window was changing too much with the clouds outside, so I decided to control the situation to add continuity to the images.

After the O bar shoot, I walked back up London Road to my studio to photograph Polly Yates’ press pack.
Me, photographing Polly photographing her image on the screen, that I had shot only a few seconds earlier. I like to shoot ‘tethered’ in the studio so clients can see the images straight away. This allows for quick and easy adjustments and also for me to show them what the final edit might look like.
And here is one of the final images. A very simple ‘one light set up’ and reflector was used for this.

On Sunday morning I headed down to the Walkers Stadium to scope out a room for a job next Friday. For important jobs I always try to check out the location first and get a feel for what I could do in the space. It was a gloriously sunny day so I took a bit of a detour through all the small lanes between the studio and the stadium.

In the afternoon we had a test shoot, part on location and part in the studio. We had some great people involved in this. Matthew Lucas was styling the shoot with clothes from Watch This Space Boutique. Louis William Driver styled the hair for our two lovely models, Yvonne from London and Charlie from Leicester
Charlie having his hair styled by Louis
We composed some really simple images showing off the clothes in the studio.
And some pure,stylistic shots too.
We also got some great images as the sun set around the backstreets on London Road.



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Posted on: March 10, 2014